Red Bull Air Race Rovinj 2014 Kirby Chambliss

Kirby Chambliss is one of the most consistently successful pilots in the history of the Red Bull Air Race with two world championships and eight race victories. The American veteran has been a competitive force in the sport throughout his career and landed on the podium at least once in all seven years he competed in the Red Bull Air Race in a career spanning back to 2003.

„The Red Bull Air Race is a perfect match for me,“ enthuses Chambliss. „I love it, I love racing, I love aerobatics. This championship has all those things. I’m an adrenaline junkie – I love to skydive. If you want to stay competitive in this sport you really have to take care of yourself. I definitely want to repeat that early success, winning the world championships in 2004 and 2006. I’ll be doing everything I can to make that happen.“

A friendly Texan who has his own hangar and runway built right in the backyard of his house in Arizona, Chambliss is a renowned world champion in aerobatics and has helped develop the Red Bull Air Race with his well thought-out innovations, his sharp tactical mind and his unquenchable desire to win.

Chambliss was the dominant force in the sport in its early years, winning two world championships in 2004 and 2006. Yet he has stayed competitive as the sport has evolved and is always considered to be a challenger for the podium in any race even though he goes all-out for the wins and famously disparages second place as „first loser.“

Chambliss has been flying the Zivko Edge 540 for so long that he jokes that the controls and wings are mere extensions of his own arms. Raised racing motocross he always knew he wanted to become a pilot and began flying at the age of 13.

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