Red Bull Air Race Gdynia 2014 Petr Kopfstein

Petr Kopfstein is one of the top aerobatic talents in the Czech Republic, and has honed his skills over the years in scores of national and international competitions.

Kopfstein has won three Czech national championships since 2005 and took second in the Unlimited category in 2012. He has accumulated more than 1,000 hours in the sky, 500 of which are in aerobatics, and has extensive experience flying more than 30 different aircraft.

He was 22nd in the Unlimited category in the European Aerobatic Championship in 2010 and 28th in the World Aerobatic Championship in 2011. He also took first place in the Unlimited category in the 2010 Flymaster and was 4th in the Aerobatic Freestyle Challenge in 2012.

Kopfstein is also a trained economist with a master’s degree from the University of Prague in mathematic models. As a result, he has become a successful entrepreneur who currently owns an agency with offices throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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